Cadaqués Museum 2017

Cadaqués Museum - Narcís Moturiol, 13 - 17488 Cadaqués

DALÍ CADAQUÉS a link grasped by Joan Vehí


From 15 april  to 31  october 2017

Museu Cadaqués 2017

Cadaqués Tourism office . Tel: 0034.972.25.83.15

Dalí, Cadaqués, a link grasped by Joan Vehí proposes a suggestive approach to Salvador Dalí which allows the viewer to percive the essence of the artist by means of a unique and unrepeatable document: Dalí through the lens of Joan Vehí.

A Dalí caught in the intimacy of his home environment, or engrossed in the work process, and even in the more dramatic festive and provocative attitudes, gives a great uniqueness to the work of Joan Vehí, since Joan Vehí was no outsider in the Dali's family entourage, but rather one more amongst the regulars of the house, he was the carpenter and the trusted man who was allowed to immortalize in sapshotes differents sequences of the life of the genius...

Dali Cadaqués per joan vehi